Windows Updates Windows 10 is coming

Windows Updates Windows 10 is coming

Windows 10 is coming and we can’t wait.

The Single Best PC Upgrade you can Make

The Single Best PC Upgrade you can Make

What is the Single Best PC Upgrade you can Make?


A SSD is an amazing way to improve the speed of your computer.  This low cost solution will mean that your computer will be operating at unbelievable fast speeds.


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Apple laptops vulnerable to virus

Apple laptops vulnerable to virus that ‘can’t be removed’

If you own an Apple Laptop, then you should be aware of the newest virus that could affect your computer system. The virus can covertly watch your computer use or even leak sensitive data held on your machine. The virus is virtually undetectable on your laptop and you will not be able to remove it at all.

A security expert has found a way to install malicious code on a tiny chip built into Apple laptops which would resist any attempt at removal – even replacing the entire hard disk will not delete it. Read more

Your computer working slower 5 major reasons to know

Computers have simplified our lives. So, if anything goes wrong with the computer we are very much disturbed. One of the major problems with computers is its slow performance. System slowdown is very sore experience for all computer users. You may start experiencing problems like frequent screen freezes, alarming blue screen of death, etc. A computers slow performance is not caused by one single factor but due to a combination of two or more factors- too many programs running in the background, damaged registry, using older versions of operating system, low amounts of RAM and so on. Read more