CryptoLocker Virus strikes Brisbane businesses

CryptoLocker Virus strikes Brisbane businesses

We are experiencing a high level of CryptoLocker virus attacks in Brisbane at the moment. It is a terrible situation where your computer is effectively locking you out and you are then held to Ransom to have your files returned.

Paying the Ransom may not be that effective either as often you lose your money and then still do have gain access to your files.  It get worse, you might then be asked for more and more money.

Unfortunately once it happens to you there is very little that can be done.  The only real prevention is to avoid this virus in the first place.

The CryptoLocker virus gets onto your machine when you open attachments from dodgy email.  Currently we are seeing Speeding fines from the Australian Federal Police emails attached with the virus.


Don’t wait until it is too late, ensure that you have an effective backup system in place so that you will have the important files, if the worst was to happen.

Please Call us to discuss your Backup systems or virus protection, or any Computing needs.

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