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In this day in age there are dozens of reasons why people are opting to repair their broken iPhone, iPod or other electronic device instead of replacing it. Whether it’s a case of a broken screen or a desire to be more green, you won’t be disappointed with the iPhone repairs services we offer.

iPhone repairs

We focus on customer satisfaction and provides fast, efficient repair at a reasonable cost. We have experienced technicians in-house to support, diagnose, and repair your phone while you wait.
Brisbane Computer Solution have a team of highly skilled engineers, with an extensive background in mobile phone repairs and tablet repairs. iPhone repair Brisbane, and iPhone Repairs Brisbane

iPhone repairs services offered:

  • Liquid Damage
  • Touch Screen
  • Lens
  • LCD
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Charging Port
  • Housing


Frozen Touchscreen
If your phone has all of a sudden frozen up and the touchscreen is not responding it could be an indication of multiple problems. The good news is this problem is mostly resolvable by simply turning your phone off and then on again or in other words giving it a warm reboot. This can also be done by pressing the Sleep / Wake Button and Home Button and keeping them pressed for about 10 seconds. When the reboot happens an apple symbol appears on the screen.

Damaged Touchscreen
If you accidentally bump or drop your delicate iPhone mobile you may be dealing with this issue. Since the phone is a touchscreen there could be an issue with the Touchscreen panel or the top glass layer called Mylar provides the pen or finger interface. The LCD generates the image on the panel that you interact with.

-The touch screen is blackened or smudged as if ink has spilled in it. The glass may be intact but the underlying Liquid Crystal Display component and the attached digitizer probably need to be replaced.
-A cracked glass but the LCD still working ok may just require the glass to be replaced without having to replace the full LCD component.

Mobile Phone Repairs Brisbane

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