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As we said before, if you’ve got a problem, we’ve got a solution.

We can help with any I.T. software or hardware issue that you may have, including data recovery, virus and malware removal, computer repair, slow computer optimisation, and network, LAN, or Wi-Fi troubleshooting. We can support clients on-site, remotely, or in our workshop. We can also repair machines from any brand, including Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Alienware, and Asus.

On this page, you will find some of the most common problems our clients have brought to us. Browse through these items and see which, if any, are related to your I.T. issues and needs, and contact us once you have a grasp of the problem; should none of the below cover your I.T. issues, call us over the phone for a free consultation or book an appointment.

Home, personal, or business technology, we can help.

Computer Won’t Start?

Computers stop working for a variety of reasons. If your computer won’t start, but was otherwise working fine beforehand, odds are that we can fix it for you. Typically, repairs in this area will come at a fraction of the cost of buying a new computer, especially if it’s a Mac.

In the case that the problem is more severe than anticipated, we stock all PC and laptop parts and components. We can replace parts as needed.

Slow Computer?

Underpowered computers can make life, work, and leisure difficult. We can help with sourcing the most appropriate and affordable upgrades for your computer. No matter if you are seeking a super-powered gaming rig, a PC or Mac optimised for programs like InDesign or AutoCAD, or a computer capable of making movie magic, we can source the hardware you need – and install it for you, too.

No matter the need, we can help.

Networks, LAN, Wi-Fi

Communication is an essential part of business and day to day life. A slow or broken network makes consistent communication difficult, and this negatively impacts all parties. Wired and wireless networks are ideal for individuals and businesses that need their computers to have reliable connections to each other and the internet.

We can install, fix, and maintain these networks for the home and business.

Data Recovery

Hardware failure and human error can both damage data. We know how valuable your files and data are, and how irreplaceable much of it can be, and thus we will do our utmost best to safely recover your data. Our professionals will not share or breach personal files and confidential data.

System Malfunction

A blue screen can herald the death of your computer or the loss of data and unsaved work. We know how frustrating this is to deal with. Using careful and precise monitoring, our experts can find the source of the blue screen and resolve it painlessly.

Computer Speed Improvement

Slow computers decrease efficiency in the work environment and are irritating in the home. We offer a computer ‘cleaning’ service; this will improve the speed and performance of your machine by removing unnecessary sneak-ware and programs, updating your drivers, and defragging your computer. We will get your computer up and running in no time.

Email Troubleshooting

A faulty internet connection can cause many tools and software to stall and require troubleshooting. Outlook, in particular, can have hiccups and require an intensive reboot, which we can perform on your behalf. We can assist with this troubleshooting, and resyncing all other programs as well.

Viruses, Spyware, Trojans, and Malware

Safety and security are unignorable issues when using a computer, particularly in a business environment. Ensuring that your computer is free of these harmful infections is vital in protecting yourself from theft, data loss, and invasions of privacy. We can search and scrub all malware from your computer and install industry best firewalls and virus protection.

Remote Access

The ability to remotely access your business computer and email from anywhere in the world is extremely useful. We can create a secure remote access portal through which you can access files, send and receive emails, and upload data no matter your location.

Viruses, Spyware, Trojans and Malware

Safety and security are very big issues when using a computer, particularly in a business environment. Every website or movie that a friend sends you has the potential to be infected. Any type of malware puts your privacy and important data on the line, but with a thorough search of your computer we can find any harmful software that means to compromise your security.

Remote Access

Powerful machines stay in one spot, and users commute to it. Getting transport all the way to work just to send an e-mail is wasted time. Accessing your system remotely means as long as you’re on any computer connected to the Internet, you can connect to your system as if you were there; allowing you to work from home, in another office or even another country.

Broadband Installations

Speed, reliability and support are the major deal breakers when choosing an Internet connection, which can be tricky if you’re never been with a company before. With the right advice, we’ll point you in the right direction as well as set up the network so every machine can access the Internet. An ISP may give you the best deal, but that might not mean they give you the best service.

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