Computer Repairs

Brisbane Computer Solutions provides affordable and fast desktop, screen, server, and laptop repair services. We can fix any hardware or software issue in our workshop and almost all issues on-site.

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Computer Repairs

Computers are integral for day to day life and work; when they stop working, so do you. As such, we believe in providing affordable, time-effective, and high-quality computer repair services.

These services cover everything from hardware failure to operating system error to the removal of viruses and malware, and are applicable to computers running all versions of Windows, MacOS, and Linux. We can also assist with sourcing and installing upgrades.

In all jobs, our first step is to offer our honest assessment of any and all issues; you can trust us to remain transparent and straightforward in all dealings. We also perform a full software and hardware diagnostic on your machine before proceeding with repairs – we don’t just fix the main problem, we fix every break, faulty connection, and malfunction that we can find.

We are data recovery experts and will restore or transfer data that has been compromised by the faults.

No matter the problem, we’ve got your back.

Laptop Repairs

Laptops are loved for their portable nature and utility. Unfortunately, these benefits also make them more susceptible to damage; they can be dropped, damaged during transport, and have food and drink spilled on them. We know this and have thus made ourselves laptop repair specialists.  

We can perform laptop repairs of all kinds, including cosmetic and screen fixes, battery replacement, hardware fixes, operating system errors, software problems, and the removal of viruses and spyware – all at an affordable price.

No repair job is too difficult – if it can be done, it will be done.

Server Repairs

Servers are the core of any business. Critical as they are, when a server ceases to work every connected workstation becomes non-operational. Downtime such as this means a loss in profit, productivity, and customer confidence.

Brisbane Computer Solutions can set up a failsafe system that prevents server downtime from affecting your business with a cloud failover – a backup system that allows your business to keep working while your main server is repaired. Using best practice and managed services, we can also prevent server failure from occurring in the first place.

At Brisbane Computer Solutions, failure is not an option.

Screen Repairs

A faulty or marked laptop screen is frustrating to deal with, especially considering how many hours of the day we spend staring at a screen. Brisbane Computer Solutions is ready and willing to repair or replace laptop screens in a cost-effective manner. A full diagnostic of your laptop will inform us what the issue is, which will then allow us to take the most appropriate approach to repair your screen.

Our technicians can repair screens for laptops of all makes, models, and brands, including Apple, Lenovo, HP, Dell, and more.

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