The Difference Between A Slow Computer And Slow Internet

Today, I’d like to try and draw a line the difference between a slow PC and slow internet. We get a lot of calls from Customers saying “My PC’s slow”, “My internet is slow” and they’re not sure which one is which. Today I’m going to make sure that the lines are clear.

If your PC takes 5 minutes to boot or if you start word it takes 2 or 3 minutes to boot, your PC is slow. If you go and start internet explorer and it starts quickly, but the web page fills in very slowly, that’s slow internet. It’s very important to understand the difference. A lot of people get confused when it comes to the internet about the big term, downloads. You may think “Oh, I got a big download limit, it should be fast”, that’s not necessarily so.

When we talk about downloads here in Australia, unlike Europe and America whom they don’t have any metering, there’s no such thing as a download limit over there. Here in Australia, the word that we should be using is traffic. Everything that you send up from your computer to the net and everything that you need to bring down from the net to your computer that includes webpages, Skype calls, and YouTube videos, any kind of upload that you do from Facebook, this is all meter traffic and that goes in your download quota.

The best analogy I can use for downloads quota is to think of it like a huge drum full of water. Your download limit or upload limit or traffic limit is actually how much water you’re allowed to drink in a given month. That’s got nothing to do with speed. Speed comes down under the magic word “bandwidth” and bandwidth can be 256 kilobytes or 500 kilobytes or megabytes or in ADSL 2+ or it goes to 24 megabytes, that’s how fast the water gushes, it is like a hose.

So, if you’re ISP gives you a cheap plan saying “you can have 200GB of data” but you can only pull it through a drinking straw that’s size of human hair, it’s not going to be fast. Yes, you can have a lot of water but you’re going to be sucking real hard to get it.

So, if your net is slow and you want it, look at your bandwidth, not your download quota. If any of these is still confusing and you’d like a little more advice or help with this subject, give us a call and we can demystify the jug on and make your PC or internet running smoothly, properly and fast. (07) 3122 3303

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