Why Computers Slow Down

Today, I’d like to talk about PCs and why they slow down. Basically, it comes down to a number of factors. Not running windows updates, not clearing out temporary files, not cleaning up programs that are not used, and the big and almighty one will be unwanted junkware. Sometimes, its even malware.

A good example is anyone who is prompted to update a java will inevitably see “would you like to also install the ask toolbar” and “would you like to change your homepage” and “would you like to change your search engine”

A lot of computers can actually come in with several or thirty to twenty unwanted and unsolicited junk software sliding in the back door with something you did want and all of these things are pretty much like throwing rocks. Now, we all accept that we buy computers to do our job. We run programs on them, that’s why we bought them.

But, we can get better performance if we limit our machine to running just what it is we need to do and not allowing this crap softwares to sneak in there.

So, here at Brisbane computer solutions, we specialise in speeding up machines by servicing and part of the servicing we offer is to remove all the nasty stuff that the average person doesn’t actually know whether its good or bad.

Thats our job.

We know this, we can help.

So, if your experiencing a slow PC, when you can seem that you can put a kettle on it and you can go make a cup of tea before it boosts up in the morning give us a call, we solve problems. 07 3122 3303

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