Why You Must Back Up Your Computer

Today I would like to talk to you about backups. This is pretty serious stuff. People come to us regularly for distraught reasons They’ve lost their family photos, there childhood photos, song lists, movie lists, whatever it may be.

The rule of thumb with backups is you must always have your most valuable data in two separate places. Keep one on the computer and one on a backup drive or another computer.

In essence the inside of a hard drive spins like a record or a cd and an armature covers the entire surface of the disc. Anyone who has heard of the dreaded click of death is when this armature basically just knocks continually and you just hear a clicking sound.

That means that your drive is basically dead, the data is still on the platers and can still be forensically recovered but the cheapest job I’ve had for data recovery was $1500.

So the moral of the story is if it would make you kick the dog, swear or punch a wall to lose it you should back it up as soon as you’ve saved it.

We can reload windows, we can reload microsoft office, we can reload your productivity software. We cannot get back your family photos if the drive itself has died.

And don’t fall into the trap of thinking I use all my data and I back up to a drive, I’ll just back up everything to the drive and keep it on the drive. Because your backup drive can also die.

Flash keys die, just one little tap on the bench, or one drop of water can be enough. Keep your data in two separate locations and you’ll always have it covered.

So if you don’t currently have a good backup solution and you need some guidance be it external drives, professional backup media or even a cloud solution give us a call. We’re here to here to help. (07) 3122 3303



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