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The Single Best PC Upgrade you can Make

What is the Single Best PC Upgrade you can Make?   A SSD is an amazing way to improve the speed of your computer.  This low cost solution will mean that your computer will be operating at unbelievable fast speeds.   Call us at Brisbane Computer Solutions on 07 3122 3303 to discuss

Why You Must Back Up Your Computer

Today I would like to talk to you about backups. This is pretty serious stuff. People come to us regularly for distraught reasons They’ve lost their family photos, there childhood photos, song lists, movie lists, whatever it may be. The rule of thumb with backups is you must always have your most valuable data in […]

Why Computers Slow Down

Today, I’d like to talk about PCs and why they slow down. Basically, it comes down to a number of factors. Not running windows updates, not clearing out temporary files, not cleaning up programs that are not used, and the big and almighty one will be unwanted junkware. Sometimes, its even malware. A good example […]