Who We Are

We are experienced professionals that believe in providing all the facts in plain terms; we are passionate about remaining as efficient as we are honest, and will not blanket information in jargon. We are a Managed Services Provider, with 25 years of experience, that not only speaks your language but genuinely cares about you and your business.

What We Do

We act as your business’s I.T. department. This means, as your Managed Services Provider, we maintain the health of your business’s computers and I.T. systems, which includes networks, cloud backups, safety and surveillance systems, and VoIP phone systems - you focus on your business, while we keep all systems and technology running smooth. We also repair, upgrade, build, and sell computers to individuals and businesses across the Brisbane area.

Why Choose Us

We care, and we believe in providing only the best. Our services are delivered with utmost honesty and integrity, and our experts will never shy away from even the most difficult of jobs. In all efforts, we aim to solve every problem and prevent them from occurring again. Be you a business or an individual we are always ready to help, and are grateful for the opportunity to do so.

About Us

Brisbane Computer Solutions provides complete I.T. solutions and management to businesses and homes in the Brisbane area. We have earned a reputation as a trusted service provider that keeps prices affordable and does not compromise on quality; we are committed to providing 100% client satisfaction and earning customer loyalty. As a small business ourselves, we know how vital it is to keep your computers, phones, servers, printers, routers, point of sale software and hardware, and Wi-Fi mesh systems and networks healthy. As individuals, we know how much our day to day life depends on technology working as it should. As such, we are committed to providing excellent support remotely, on-site, and in our showroom. We are also authorised NBN and Microsoft resellers. At heart, we are a business that genuinely cares about our clients. We stand at the ready to assist in any capacity that we can. Give us your pain, and we’ll make it go away.


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Our Team

Our team, headed by a professional with over 25 years in the industry, is comprised of highly experienced individuals that can provide expert advice and service. Not only are our team members ready and able to ease our clients’ anxieties, but they are driven to; our reputation attests to our integrity and knowledge. We help not because we have to, but because we care. No matter the problem, we have a solution.

What Our Clients Say