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Business VoIP Phones

We can both perform the complete installation of a business VoIP and adjust already established systems, such as by adding or removing team members and installing new handsets, cordless phones, analogue fax adaptors, and on-premise or cloud hosted PABX instances – a cloud hosted PABX, in particular, is useful as it is not locked on to your ISP address and allows phones to function in the event of an NBN outage.

Business VoIP is ideal for businesses that need reliable phone call quality that does not risk incurring surcharges, can enable conference calls, and allows desk-to-desk calling. These systems are also useful for maintaining a clear view of incoming and outgoing calls, enabling transfers to other handsets, and recording the duration of calls for metric gathering, such as those needed in marketing and sales for analysis.

Other features, such as local numbers in any Australian state or location in the world, coaching modes, and call redirect, are also available.

3CX Phone System

Our preferred phone system is 3CX. Their software-based components are scalable to the size and needs of your business, can be hosted on-site or in the cloud, and are compatible with all devices, including Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS. The 3CX system enables unified and fluid communications no matter the user’s location, making it indispensable for small businesses.

Additionally, the 3CX mobile app only uses data and does not incur charges, allowing mobiles to be used as desk phones at any location.

As we find that 3CX is the most compatible, customisable, and cost-effective tool that you can use, we are fully prepared to assist with upgrading your business’s PBX to the next level.

We can also provide more affordable call rates than any telecommunication provider in Australia.

In the event that 3CX is not your ideal handset provider, we carry a variety of products from other manufacturers.

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