Managed Services

Managed Services for Your Business

Choosing to utilise Brisbane Computer Solutions as your Managed Service Provider (MSP) could well be one of the smartest decisions you can make. By utilising us as your MSP, you will know in real-time the health and operating capacity of your systems, hardware and infrastructure. Rather than knowing something is wrong after it dies, we will catch it long before disaster and immediately begin working on providing the fixes, changes and updates your business require to continue operating at peak functionality.

What are managed services?

Managed Services are an effective, pro-active way of managing your I.T. infrastructure, services and devices. They provide a way of keeping on top of your system’s health around the clock, and identifying potential causes of downtime before they occur.

Why managed services?

Utilising a Managed Service Provider (MSP) will allow you to stay on top of your business and anticipate potential failures and make the required fixes and adjustments before the fact. This will keep your productivity, income and customer satisfaction constantly operating at their best.


Brisbane Computer Solutions offer an in-depth and complete suite of Managed Services for you and your business. No matter your size and operation, we are here to support you to be the most functional you can be. Continue reading below for more information.

The Difference Between Other Solutions

Many businesses choose to outsource their I.T. and only call in support when devices or systems fail. Sometimes, this can be effective, however, more often than not, this approach is more financially exhaustive as well as requiring large turnaround times between failure and operation. In a scenario where a business utilises an outsourced I.T. company, when a component fails, the support must be called in, which may not be immediate. From there they must diagnose, fix and restart your systems, potentially costing you an immense amount of time, money and customer satisfaction.

By utilising Brisbane Computer Solutions as your MSP, you will know the status of your system on a 24/7 basis, saving you time, money and resources.

Managed Anti-Virus, Cyber Security, and Cyber Threats

In the digital age, where so much of your life and work is online, it is more important than ever to maintain your cyber security. Thousands of new malevolent programs are being released every month, and the threat they pose to everyone from sole traders to big businesses is genuine. Yes, this reality is frightening, but Brisbane Computer Solutions has the cure.

Your threat management and mitigation must address most, if not all, of the following:


Managed Endpoint Protection, as opposed to retail Anti-Virus.
Hardware Firewall Appliances, as opposed to ISP or NBN-supplied modem routers.
DNS Protection that includes Whitelists and Blacklists.
Spam and Spear Phishing detection and removal before it reaches the Mail Client.
Website blocking for known malicious sites and code.
Secure Encrypted VPNs and Wi-Fi, Access Points, Printers/Copiers, and Security Cameras.
Remote access software for staff or ex-I.T. support companies.
All forms of Malware including PUPs, Adware, Viruses, Trojans, Crypto Lockers, and Root Kits, and.
Operating Systems; Windows 10 and MacOS need constant patching, monitoring, and maintenance, and Windows 7 is end of life as of January 2020.


Malicious programs or “Malware” are designed with the sole purpose of infecting your devices, stealing your data, information, money, and identity, and turning your technology against you; files can be corrupted beyond recovery and confidential and personal data can be stolen or held for ransom for hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin, leaving your business suffering a blow to its income, reputation, and client confidence. There is also the potential for legal repercussions if your clients’ data is taken or compromised. It is now Federal Law to notify the Federal Government and your employees, clients, and suppliers (past, present, and potentially future) if their data has been compromised.

Subscribing to our managed anti-virus, cyber security, and cyber threat service means that we are, alongside keeping your software up to date, continuously monitoring for any breaches. If the agent assigned to your devices detects any unwanted activity, let alone a breach, our technicians are notified so that immediate action can be taken.

This is an area where businesses cannot be complacent! We keep your business’s I.T. secure so that you can work safely, productively, and free of anti-virus admin duties.

Managed services clients do not pay additional workshop fees, and managed anti-virus, cyber security, and cyber threat services are automatically included in managed services plans.

Cyber Security Audits

Brisbane Computer Solutions is happy to undertake an audit (charges apply) of your security even if you already have I.T. support.

Our report will be written in plain English and will list out all weaknesses that need to be addressed.

Cyber threats are only increasing, and action must be taken to protect you and your business. If you do not have professional, trained, and qualified I.T. support then call us now!

Managed VoIP Phone Systems

If your clients cannot communicate with you, they will start communicating with your competitors instead. Avoid this loss of client confidence and business with our managed VoIP phone systems services. We keep your phone systems secure and working in optimal condition; your business maintains clean lines of communication, both externally with clients and internally with team members, even if the NBN goes down as we set up a mobile tower 4G/5G failover.

This service also includes installing new hardware, adding and removing team members to existing systems, and maintaining the security of these systems, devices, and exchanges.

Managed VoIP phone systems services are sold separately from managed services plans. To learn more about our managed VoIP phone system services, contact us today.

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