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At Brisbane Computer Solutions, we can turn your basic computer into a high-powered machine.

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Performance Enhancement

Brisbane Computer Solutions can help you improve the performance and lifespan of your computer through our upgrade services.

Improving the performance and capabilities of your computer through upgrades can be more cost-effective than buying a whole new machine. Brisbane Computer Solutions offers our knowledge to those wanting to upgrade their machines for any purpose – business or leisure.

We can source and install upgrades that will turn your machine into anything from gaming powerhouse, to multi-tasking workhorse, to media editing juggernaut. This service includes the sourcing and installation of software and operating systems, too.

Give us a budget, and we’ll find the right upgrade for you.

Memory and Hard Drive

A significant performance boost doesn’t mean a significant bill. Upgrading your computer’s memory, or RAM, enhances its ability to run multiple programs at once and handle more demanding programs, such as those used by designers, content and video producers, and gamers. In the same swing, upgrading your computer’s hard drive is another key way to increase processing speed and storage capacity.

We can source and install the best RAM and hard drive upgrades to suit your computer and budget. In general, our recommendation is to upgrade to a Solid-State Drive (SSD); they will give any machine a serious speed boost.

A high-quality SSD drive is worth investing in.

Custom Built Computers

Custom-built desktop computers are the ideal solution for those seeking powerful, versatile, or specially configured computers at a lower cost. Brisbane Computer Solutions builds high-quality machines on demand that will stand the test of time and suit budgets of all sizes. Every computer is made custom to whatever purpose our clients specify, built only using parts that we know and trust, and made in-house by expert technicians.

We know computers, and we can build the best machine possible for your needs, be they for business, leisure, or school – or all three. Give us a wish list for what you need your computer to be and we will find a unique solution; there is no one size fits all when it comes to computers.

We will continue to offer support, even years after you take your computer home, and can assist with setting your new computer up on-site, too.


Motherboards are the most critical component in a computer; when they malfunction, everything stops. No matter how much RAM a machine has, or how powerful the video card is, an ill-suited or malfunctioning motherboard will cause the whole computer to fail.

We can perform low-level repairs on motherboards and replace and upgrade them as needed – all at affordable prices.

We can service both Mac and PC machines.

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