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Routers, Switches and Connectivity

In the current day, with so many devices needing network connections, we depend on reliable data speed and quality bandwidth. Families with students, professionals that work from home, and workplaces with multiple workstations and devices need lag-free internet. Now, more than ever, this is essential.

No matter if it’s business or home, your network needs to be capable of handling multiple connections and ensuring that each device receives equal bandwidth. Outfitting your network with the appropriate routers and switches enables said network to provide stable, equal connections to multiple destinations.

Brisbane Computer Solutions can set up wireless and wired networks that will meet the needs of your space; no matter the situation, a family home with multiple devices, such as gaming consoles, laptops, and mobile phones, a small business with multiple machines that require a constant connection, or a classroom with twenty plus computers, we have a solution.

Having problems with your network but unsure what the issue is? Tell us your network troubles and we will diagnose the problem.

We can offer the best routers, switches, and Wi-Fi repeaters on the market. We are also resellers for non-contested and private internet.

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