Business IT Solutions

Brisbane Computer Solutions understands that your business computers are tools and not toys. These machines need to be secure, reliable, networked, and connect to ample storage (locally or in the cloud), and your data needs to be protected from theft and corruption. If your business’s computers and technology cannot perform exceptionally well in these ways, they aren’t making you money – they’re costing you money.

We know this; we are a small business too, and rely heavily on technology. This is why you can trust us to be your service provider and outsourced I.T. department – we understand you.

Our proactive mindset and managed services will keep your computers, phones, and servers healthy. In turn, this will allow your business to maintain consistent and reliable workflow and support client confidence.

Speed Is Important

Problems require an immediate response, especially when it comes to a business’s I.T. or computers. In these events, Brisbane Computer Solutions can either come to your business or remotely access your computer to begin fixing the issue. We will get you back online as soon as possible.

Incident Response & Maintenance

A lack of regular maintenance can cause small problems to become large problems. Knowing this, and the expenses that fixing large problems can incur, Brisbane Computer Solutions is proud to offer managed service plans. These plans are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that want to outsource their I.T. to a trusted Managed Services Provider; we perform monthly maintenance on your computers and network, resolving all issues that we find and keeping all systems healthy. Contact us for more information about our plans.

System & Data Security

Brisbane Computer Solutions can help your business create a robust backup system and take steps to prevent data loss. Instead of resolving problems as they arise, we take proactive measures that stop problems from spreading or beginning in the first place. These efforts prevent data from being lost to human error or system and hardware malfunctions.

Technology Purchasing Advice

Our experience in this industry has taught us to be critical of technology and what it offers. We can provide advice on hardware, such as routers, computers, and laptops, and software. All advice will be tailored to suit your needs and budget. We will always be honest and candid, empowering you to make the best choice possible.

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Online Protection

Malware and viruses are more insidious than ever. Brisbane Computer Solutions can help you keep your business safe in the digital space, and teach you and your employees how to recognise red flags signalling potential threats; these safe computing practices and the virus and malware protections we stand behind will help keep your systems safe from fraud, intrusion, and theft.