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What is Managed I.T.?

Managed Services aims to be the proactive solution to traditional I.T. for business. Using managed services we can monitor your network and devices to determine problems in your systems, before they fail.


Why use a Managed Service Provider?

1. Your systems are monitored 24/7. – Using a variety of software, hardware and other tools at our disposal, we can be across your entire system and network so that you or your staff don’t have to be.

2. Minimise downtime. – As your systems are being constantly monitored, anything that has potential problems can be addressed and rectified well before critical failure.

3. Faster responses. – Should you need support, we can handle most problems remotely. For any major issues we come to you.

4. We keep you secured. – At BCS we believe security is paramount. We implement a number of tools to keep you and your network secured from threats, protecting you and your data. This is especially important for any industry that collects customer data.


By utilising Brisbane Computer Solutions as your MSP, you will know the status of your system on a 24/7 basis, saving you time, money and resources.

Who should use Managed IT Services?

Any business that that deals with storing important customer data and businesses that have a network of computers.


If you are in any the following industries, it is highly recommended that you use a MSP:

  • Health/Medical Providers
  • Finance
  • Law Firms/Legal


If you are in any of the above industries, it is paramount that you have systems in place to not only reduce downtime due to system failure, but to also protect the data of your business, customers and clients.

The Pro-active Approach to I.T.

Managed I.T. Services provide you with layers of protection for your entire I.T. ecosystem.


Many businesses choose to outsource their I.T. and only call in support when devices or systems fail. Sometimes, this can be effective, however, more often than not, this approach is more financially exhaustive as well as requiring large turnaround times between failure and operation. In a scenario where a business utilises an outsourced I.T. company, when a component fails, the support must be called in, which may not be immediate. From there they must diagnose, fix and restart your systems, potentially costing you an immense amount of time, money and customer satisfaction.


By utilising Brisbane Computer Solutions as your MSP, you will know the status of your system on a 24/7 basis, saving you time, money and resources.

Why Managed I.T. Services?

  • Your systems are monitored 24/7.
  • Minimise downtime.
  • Fast assistance.
  • We keep your systems secured.
  • Simple fixed price per device.

Managed Services Include:

  • HelpDesk Access
  • Desktop support
  • Server and network support
  • Back-up and recovery
  • Server performance, monitoring and management
  • Security management
  • Hardware support
  • Performance monitoring
  • Reporting

24/7 Protection in more ways than one.

Managed I.T. Services provide you with layers of protection for your entire I.T. ecosystem. Our Managed Services aim to defend your business’ I.T. on a number of fronts.

Endpoint Security

Protection doesn’t just end with simple virus protection, but securing of your network and all endpoint devices.

Hardware Firewall

Dedicated hardware firewall to provide you with another layer of protection.

DNS Protection

Providing you protection and stopping potential threats at the DNS level, with whitlist/blacklist capabilities.

Spam and Spear Phishing detection

We provide a spam/phishing solution to stop threats before they reach your mail client.

Website blocking.

Blocking of websites known to be compromised or containing malicious code.

Secure Encrypted VPNs and Wi-Fi

Browse with confidence, knowing you are protected by Secure Encrypted VPNs and Wi-Fi, Access Points, Printers/Copiers, and Security Cameras.

Remote access software

Remote access to your network for staff, allowing us to respond quickly to any issues should they arise.

System Scanning

Scanning your network and systems for all forms of Malware including PUPs, Adware, Viruses, Trojans, Crypto Lockers, and Root Kits.

Desktop Management

Patching, monitoring and maintenance of Operating Systems; Windows 10 and MacOS need constant patching, monitoring, and maintenance, and Windows 7 is end of life as of January 2020.

Notifiable data breaches scheme

With the introduction of the Federal Government’s Notifiable data breaches scheme, businesses must report to individuals when their personal information has been leaked or obtained.

Did you know?

In the first half of 2019 the OAIC (Office of the Australian Information Commissioner) reported 460 individual breaches.

Over 60% of these attacks are malicious or criminal attacks.

Over 30% are attributed to human error.

The top 5 sectors that experienced breaches were health, finance, legal, education and retail.

The Solution

The good news is that you can protect your business, employees and clients from these attacks. By implementing a robust I.T. management system and combining that with up to date advice, you can keep your customer data and your systems protected.

Why Choose Brisbane Computer Solutions?

At BCS, we have many years of industry experience with a strong focus on customer service. We speak plain English, not geek.

Get in touch today to organise your full cyber security audit.

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